Mug Presses


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To Print a Mug 3 items are required
 Transfer Printer
 Special Transfer Paper
 Mug Press


Printed Mugs in today's world have become an indispensable marketing tool.

A Mug Press is an electronic device which provides the heat & pressure required for the print to transfer from the transfer paper onto the mug.

Mug Presses come in a variety of models from a basic model that only does a standard 11oz Mug to models that 'print' the thinner mugs, sports bottles, Beer Mugs, Tea Mugs, shot glasses, cone-shaped (latte) mugs, thicker mugs, and even models that do 5 mugs at a time.

All our heats presses have NRCS import approval  

(National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications - Presses have been safety certified)
All heat presses are covered by warranty of 6 - 12 months depending on the model
 Free Training given with all our presses
 We repair all heat presses locally

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