Ghost System (CMYK + White)


The Ghost system for the 1st time offers full colour + white printing at an affordable price.

This system uses an HP252 laser printer combined with the Ghost range of CMYK and White Toners.

With this system, you print your image in colour and then make the artwork black and replace the black toner cartridge with the white and feed the paper in a 2nd time and then print the white.

The advantage of this system other than the cost is that blacks are truly black. Other white toner printers that don’t require a cartridge change for white use all the colours to make black, so the black is expensive to print.

With this system, no RIP is needed and it can print on the full range of laser transfer paper, both those for a standard cmyk laser printer and also papers for the white toner systems.

If only white is required, simply use black artwork and tell the printer to print black only once you’ve replaced the black toner with the white toner.


Check the Ghost at work below: