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Our new Photo Crystal technology leave people speechless, they are stunning!

Applications:- Awards- Prize givings- Anniversaries- Launches- Personal Gifts & many more.. 

(This system can also be used for making "Rubber Stamps" a new product line we recently introduced)

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The Photo Crystal produces amazing quality gifts and awards, where the image looks like it’s been embedded into the crystal.

The image which can be in full colour, even photographic can be produced in single quantities and each one can be customised at no extra cost to you.


This process works on crystal, glass, and some plastic products. We have a number of crystals which can be decorated, included awards, photo crystals and keyrings.


The process is extremely simple and can be done with anyone with an inkjet printer, the crystal exposure unit, and the special glue and media.

The media is a type of transparency, which is printed with the inkjet printer (not supplied – you can use your own home printer).

Once dry, a UV-curable glue is applied to the print, upon which time the crystal is applied onto the print by laying it down gently. It’s then put into the curing unit which in a matter of minutes cures the glue. 

Once the glue is cured, it’s completely invisible.  

To give the illusion that the print is embedded in the crystal, a thin sheet of glass is applied to the back of the print. 

The bases of the trophies are stuck on using the same glue. 

This process works on all glass and crystal products as well as some plastics. 

You can even take a mirror and apply an image using this same process.

Please view our catalogue for the most up to date info and pricing on this system


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