T-Shirt System


A plain vanilla T-shirt print system, uses a standard colour printer (be it inkjet or laser based) without any special ink. All that’s needed is a heat press and special transfer paper.

The process is as follows:

jge tshirt systems tshirt thumb

1. The special transfer paper is printed, & the ink sticks to the coating on the paper.

2. The printed paper is applied to the fabric to be decorated & which is then placed into the heat press.

3. The press heats the item & print to around 200C.

4. Once heated for a suitable amount of time, the print releases from the paper & sticks to the item.


This process is excellent for natural fibres such as cotton, but it not as durable as sublimation (but then again nothing is) and can also be used on pretty much any fabric which won’t melt with the heat (200C for up to 20 seconds). Even some leathers can be decorated with this process.

This process is NOT suitable for decorating ceramics, metals or any other hard surfaces. For those look at a sublimation system that also does T-shirts.

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