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Laser Printers                          Laser Printers    jge laser printers thumb

When coupled with correct transfer papers (like the Forever ™ range), a laser printer can be used to print onto a very wide variety of products, including products which cannot be done with sublimation, such as polypropylene bags, card stock, paper bags, plastic pens, mirrors, uncoated wood. 

Toner is more opaque than sublimation ink. For this reason a laser printer is perfect for corporate branding & prints onto clear glass.
The Laser printer can also be used to print cardstock & papers, so printing invoices, business cards & so on is easily done. With the new range of OKI ™ white toner & neon laser printers, neon colours as well as white can be printed, making the printer so much more versatile.
The downside of a laser printer is that it doesn’t reproduce skin tones as well as a sublimation printer, so prints of faces aren’t as good, but this is easily remedied by adding a sublimation printer to your print solution to see our Laser Printers

Sublimation Printers            Sublimation Printers    muggit printers sublimation thumb

A sublimation printer is a printer that is loaded with sublimation inks. Sublimation inks are specially formulated for heat transfers only. There are very few printer brands on which sublimation inks can work.

There is an added layer of complexity – That of colour matching, which is making sure that the correct colours transfer from the print. Without colour matching, skin tones come out red or purple, red prints as orange and so on.

With the exception of the Sawgrass ™ range of desktop sublimation printers (which are the only desktop printers made specifically for sublimation), desktop printers are not made for sublimation so running sublimation inks in them voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Sawgrass printer comes with advanced colour matching as well as Coreldraw ™ essentials X6.

With a sublimation printer, you print on a sublimation transfer paper, and then using a heat press transfer the image onto a wide variety of fabrics as well as specially coated substrates such as ceramics, metals, woods, plastics and so on.
The print quality is truly photographic quality, with skin tones and faces look photo-realistic.
A sublimation printer is for printing transfers only to see our Sublimation Printers

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