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All electrical and electronic products sold in South Africa, including heat presses, printers and vinyl cutters need a
LETTER OF AUTHORITY (LOA) issued by the NRCS if they are to be imported or even manufactured locally.
This LOA is ONLY given if the product has been tested and found to be safe for consumer use, not harmful to the
environment and it conforms to compulsory South African safety standards.

Any product which does not have an LOA and is imported into the country is liable to be seized and destroyed should the
importer be unable to procure an LOA (which can take 6-8 months).
Even if two different importers are importing the same product, each needs to have their own LOA for the product to be
legal, and they also have to pay a levy for each unit imported into the country.

All products sold by JG Electronics that require an LOA, have it.

                                       CORONAVIRUS UPDATE

Our products are safe to purchase and handle even if they come from China. The virus
doesn’t live long on surfaces and goods take weeks and months to get here.

                               A Quick note about our Systems

The information in the next few pages explains the different technologies available, as well as the
advantages and disadvantages of each, costs, profits and markets that you can sell into.
Once you have read it all, call us and we will suggest the appropriate system for your needs.

Visit our website to see new products, and explanations of how the image transfer systems work.

                                        Types of Images Transfer Technology


A geljet printer (such as the Ricoh models) is a hybrid between a laser printer and an inkjet. It can
print much higher volumes than a standard inkjet without needing a service, yet still has all the
advantages of an inkjet printer (such as very high resolution, low cost of cartridges, and excellent skin
tone reproduction).When coupled with a T-shirt press, it makes for an affordable entry level image
transfer system. A geljet printer is good for printing fabrics (with the correct transfer papers – which
we stock), business cards, invitations and the like.


Most affordable way of getting into this business. Better quality photographs and skin tones than laser
printers. Printers are cheap and can be used for general printing as well as transfers.


Not as durable as Sublimation (but then again nothing is), and can only print fabrics.

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