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Colour laser printers use similar technology to colour copiers, so are cheap to run (except the low
cost lasers which have very high print costs), and are extremely reliable and quick.


High Speed. Good Quality, transfer papers for fabrics are cheaper than those for inkjets and geljets.
With the new range of Forever â„¢ transfer papers, they can be used to print onto traditional
corporate gifts such as pens, rulers, diaries, leather, wood, mirrors, ceramics and so on in both full
colour and also gold and silver.

They are the best printers to use for corporate gifts as the colour matching is
extremely good, and the toner is not see through, which means they are perfect
for clear glass items for example.
Laser printers printers print solid colours more reliably than inkjet or geljet printers, and some models
even have white toner which allows one to print onto dark or black products which no other affordable
printer can,
Plastic items can be transferred onto with Laser, with the advent of papers which require as little at
80C for the transfer. Crystal awards can also be printed with a laser printer.
On coated mugs, washability is similar to sublimation mugs.


Page yields for full colour work are low if you go for a low end cheap printer (meaning high print
costs). Lasers aren’t as good as sublimation, inkjet or geljet printers for skin tones and photos of
people. A photo of a person’s face looks very “dotty” on a laser.
Low abrasion resistence on final print – so for example not good for mousepads, or keyrings as toner
will start rubbing off the mousepad or keyring with use.


Sublimation is by far the best technology for photo quality image transfers. These systems use a
Sawgrass gel printer which is the only desktop printer in the world manufactured specifically for the
sublimation process. Other printers are modified for sublimation and in the process lose their
warranty and tend to have issues with head blockages and lack of colour matching.
Sublimation is used commercially to decorate Ties, all Sportswear (including the Neon ones), Flags,
Silk Scarves, Sweatbands, most full colour Mugs, all polyester, Nylon and Lycra clothing.


You can transfer onto any coated surface, including Metal, Wood, high temp plastic, Ceramics (mugs,
tiles, plates etc). There is a huge variety of products which can be sublimated.
An entry level system which can print most surfaces costs under R 15,000 !
Transfers are superb – bright rich colours, with photo quality prints.
Transfers on synthetic fabrics are permanent and don’t wash out – not even with bleach.


All items have to be coated for sublimation to work (though we do sell spray coatings). Sublimation
transfer systems are made for image transferring only and are not suitable for printing business
cards, letterheads etc. Printing onto dark substrates is challenging.

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