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                      MUGGIT 1 – T-shirt transfer printing system

The Muggit 1 uses the CMYK version of the Ghost Laser printer and is ideal for anyone who wants to
print stickers, T–shirts, Metal, Wood, some plastics, Tiles, mousepads, bags, invites, business cards,
candles, decorative plates and so on.
Just by purchasing a mug press, this system can be expanded to print mugs.
If at some time in future, there’s a need to print white, you can just buy the white toner from us and
slot it in. To print pens, just buy the pen press and the pens.
Even if you are planning on buying a sublimation system later on, the printer is a perfect add on to a
sublimation system.
With this printer, you print on the special transfer paper, and then using the T-shirt press, you transfer
the image onto almost any flat substrate. We have papers for pretty much any substrate.

We have a wide range of products which you can print with this system, including:
Lanyards, Mousepads, Coasters, Luggage Tags, Bags, Wallets, Ties, T-shirts, Caps (with optional
cap press), Keyrings, Aprons, and so on.
The system includes:

     Muggit Swing Away Heat Press – 23 x 30 cm
    ï‚· Ghost Pro CMYK A4 Laser printer with initial set of toner
    ï‚· Pack of 10 sheets for light fabrics & Pack of 10 sheets transfer paper for dark fabrics
    ï‚· Pack of 10 sheets A4 waterslide paper (for printing decorative hard surface products).

         R 9,465.25 + VAT = R 10,874.69 incl
         Add a Cameo 4 Vinyl cutter for just R 5,399.25 (incl) – highly recommended
         Add Coreldraw Essentials X6 for just R 684.25 (incl) – highly recommended
         Upgrade Press to 38 x 38cm High pressure Clamshell – add R 2,059.24
         Add White Toner cartridge for this printer – R 4,939.25 (incl)

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