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OKI White Toner Laser System

oki white laser toner collage 120dpi 10x6

The OKI™ White Toner Laser printer is perfect for hassle free and higher volume corporate printing.

Unlike other white toner printers on the market, this is the only printer than prints white in a single pass.  It has 4 x Cartridges – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White.  To make black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are printed on-top of each other.  Other printers that can print white, require the paper to be fed into the printer twice, once to print the colours, and then to print the white.

The problem with this is that when printing a second time, there’s a slight offset (in other words the 2 prints are not perfectly aligned), so the artwork needs to be done in such a way to address this issue. With the OKI, it’s all done in a single pass, so it’s completely hassle free.

Anyone looking for the finest detailed images in white and colour needs to look no further than the OKI range of white toner printers.

The print costs on the OKI white toner printers are lower than printers that use a 2 pass system, as on the OKI, the drums and waste toner bins are separate to the toners.  On cheaper printers, to cut costs all these items are built into the toner cartridge, which means that whilst the printer is much cheaper, the print costs are much higher, as when the toner runs out, the cartridge complete with fuser drum and waste toner bin is also replaced.  The OKI white toner machines can literally print thousands of pages before toner needs to be replenished. The Drums can last up to 50,000 prints.

If this printer is coupled with the Forever ™ RIP, then it’s possible to further reduce toner costs by around 30% through finer image and print controls.

As this system can print white, you are not limited to printing / transferring only onto white or light coloured products.  Prints can be done onto dark substrates as well.  An added bonus is that whilst sublimation transfer systems can only print onto specially coated products, this kind of printer can print onto both coated and uncoated substrates as well as onto substrates which have low melting points.

This printer not only does transfers (like the sublimation printers), but can also print board and paper (meaning that wedding invites, business cards and general print can also be done). Prints can be done on any colour paper.

The OKI printers  have the lowest page cost of any white toner printing solution and are targeted at busy print shops, corporate gift printers, and larger volume users.

The OKI white toner printer are available in both A4 and A3 versions.  The A3 is more expensive but print costs are even lower than A4.


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