Duraluxe®                  5 year outdoor metal signage in full colour print

A specially coated aluminium panel that allows for superior, sharp, four-colour process sublimation that is UV stable for up to 5 years OUTDOOR and is resistant to graffiti, chemicals, and chipping.

JGE Duraluxe Aluminium sublimation panels10

That’s right folks, metal made specifically for outdoor use, and if used with approved sublimation inks such as our SAWGRASS sublimation inks, the print on this metal is guaranteed to last at least 5 years outdoors.

JGE have pages of test reports proving that it does actually work as promised. We also have samples which have been on the roof of our building for a year, face up in the sun the whole day, with minimal fade. By comparison the sublimation prints done for comparison on standard metal have completely faded – you can’t see that they were even printed.

Duraluxe® can also be bent and even wrapped around a bottle, for instance WITHOUT the coating cracking, and be cut and drilled as well.

Duraluxe® is perfect for:

  • Architectural applications (think way finding, parking, no smoking and regulatory signage)jge Duraluxe aluminium sheets

  • Commercial signage (business, real estate & contractor yard signs, "Coming Soon" and safety notices, construction signage & directory maps)

  • Restaurant & Retail signage for outdoors (patio art, A-Frame, outdoor menus)

  • Memorial Images – up to now people have been using standard indoor sublimation slate or metal

  • In industrial areas where there are harsh chemicals present such as factories and chemical plants

  • Boat nameplates, fishing memorials, action sporting photo prints for outdoor pubs 

 jge duraluxe pet memorial2jge dureluxe kitchenjge duraluxe outdoor sign2

in short ANYTHING you want to add full colour prints to outdoors and want to look beautiful for years to come.

Duraluxe® is the ultimate in sublimation panels,

with unmatched durability

in both interior and exterior applications

Duraluxe® Broschure

Duraluxe® 5 Year Warranty


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  • Thnx for this 1stop for all sublimation products.
    Ronnie Mulaudzi Waha Livhusha Keep it well JG Electronics.
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