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Transfer Papers      We also stock Transfer Vinyl

JG Electronics are South African agents for a wide range of transfer papers for many types of digital printers, including:

  • HP Indigo
  • Solvent and Eco Solvent printers
  • Sublimation (small format)
  • Inkjet / Deskjet / Bubblejet (small and large format)
  • Colour Laser printers
  • White Toner Laser printers
  • Gel Printers
  • Thermal Wax printers

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Our transfer papers can be used to decorate:

  • White and coloured fabrics made of both natural and synthetic fibres
  • Natural and Synthetic leathers
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Ceramics including mugs, plates, tiles and so on
  • Glass including mirrors
  • PVC
  • High Temperature Polymers
  • Candles & Models
  • Diaries
  • Tissue and Paper
  • Many plastics

When we select a transfer paper to sell, we test the wash durability and paper reliability. We don’t just sell any old paper and hope for the best.  If approached by an alternate manufacturer, we will only take their product on if it’s as good or better than what we currently sell. We won’t sell junk even if it’s super cheap.

We don’t take the manufacturer’s word for it, but rather we do a lot of wash testing without following the manufacturer’s complex washing instructions (as we know that in the real world, almost no one actual reads or follows these instructions). 

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  • Thnx for this 1stop for all sublimation products.
    Ronnie Mulaudzi Waha Livhusha Keep it well JG Electronics.
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