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VideoFlex & Flock                      Videoflex & Flock Colour Chart

Tshirt Lime vinyl

Transfer vinyl is a vinyl product with a heat activated adhesive on the reverse, which activates between 160 -190C depending on the brand and type.

The vinyl is cut into words, logo’s, shapes with a vinyl cutter, weeded (the unwanted vinyl is removed), applied to the substrate and pressed. The heat and pressure activate the adhesive and the vinyl sticks to your product. It’s even possible to transfer multiple colours, types and styles on-top of each other (the Black shirt with the number 906 on it above has more than 7 different vinyl’s applied on top of each other).

Initially all transfer vinyl was made from PVC but as PVC is harmful to human health it’s being phased out worldwide. The replacement product is PU (Poly-urethane) which is much kinder to the environment. PVC can still be found on the South African market due to its low cost.

It’s very easy to tell the difference between the two. a PVC transfer is quite hard and doesn’t blend into the material, whereas PU is very difficult to distinguish from a printed garment. 

Transfer vinyl is available in standard colours as well as colours that are near impossible to print; like glitters, reflective, neons, metallics, glow-in-the-dark, puff (raised), flock, sublimation printable and so on and is an excellent money maker and recommended add-on for any print business.Videoflex Roll 150DPI 7x4cm

JG Electronics has around 70 different colours and effects of this product.

Most people don’t know this, but transfer vinyl doesn’t only work on fabrics, but on practically any substrate as long as the substrate can handle a minimum of 160C for 10 seconds. We have customers who routinely use it on coated mugs. If pressed onto a MUGGIT ™ coated mug, the transfer vinyl Is dishwasher safe.

The material does not have to be purchased in complete rolls, but can also be bought by the meter.


 Tshirt Blac2k v5    Tshirt Poly 150DPI 7x7cm    Tshirt with Vinyl 7x7cm 150DPITshirt Black 2 v2    Cap Vinyl 150DPI 7x7cm       Mug Vinyl 150DPI 7x7cm 


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