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Introducing a revolution in Waterslide Transfersjg waterslide nails2

We have teamed up with an international company who makes waterslide paper for inkjet and laser printers to bring you the next revolution in waterslide papers.   

Yes we have the standard waterslide papers that most people are familiar with, in fantastic quality and at a good price, but there is much more - namely :

       Inkjet Waterslide Paper that when used with our Muggit coating spray, works exceptionally well

Inkjet Tattoo Paper you can now make temporary tatoos for every occasion in ful colour, at a price that won't break the bank.jg waterslide tatoo

Film Free Laser Waterslide Paper for Lasers and Colour Copiers, where the toner itself (in full colour) sticks to the item and the film peels away.

Gold / Silver Laser Waterslide Paper, this paper is also film free, but you print in black only.  The black transforms to silver or gold - this is an excellent way to decorate items in silver or gold that you would not otherwise be able to decorate.jg waterslide wineglass

Laser Waterslide Paper for White Toner Laser printers - this waterslide paper allows white to be transferred by means of waterslide.  The base layer is blue, so one can see where the white is printed whilst the paper is clear.


The basic process for waterslide is as follows

The item is printed, put into water, where the film layer of the paper loosens from the base paper, and then the film is applied to the item to be decorated.

For the Gold and Free Film varieties there are some extra steps required which are all explained in the manuals (which are in real English)

 jg waterslide planejg waterslide soapjg waterslide platejg waterslide nailsjg waterslide candle purple

The new waterslide papers greatly increase the variety of products that can be decorated.


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